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Woodstock, GA, Residents Choose Walkin Tubs for Their Homes

Walkin Tubs WoodstockWalkin tubs are a popular option for residents in Woodstock, Georgia, who want to enjoy spa-like luxury without sacrificing safety while bathing. When mobility challenges or painful conditions make bathing in ordinary bathtubs too difficult or dangerous to use, walkin tubs provide the assurance you need with the luxury you desire.

If you live with chronic pain or limited mobility, our walkin tubs are equipped with an amazing array of safety and comfort features that will allow you to regain the joy of bathing independently or with very little assistance.  Some of the features include:

Slip-resistant surfaces

  • Side grips
  • Grab bars
  • Leak-proof, locking doors
  • Easy-to-reach water and drainage controls
  • Chair-height seating

Even with all these outstanding safety features, you won’t have to sacrifice luxury. When you upgrade to one of our therapeutic tubs, you’ll still have all of the safety features that can transform your bathing experience, but you’ll also have access to at-home opulence.  Our therapeutic tub options include hydrotherapy bathtubs, which use massaging underwater air or water jets to temporarily relieve painful muscles or joints; chromatherapy bathtubs, which utilize colored underwater lights to create a calming or romantic atmosphere; and aromatherapy bathtubs, which unleash fragrant, anxiety-reducing aromas by releasing scent-filled beads that dissolve in the water.

Furthermore, experiencing the luxury of our walkin tubs won’t require you to invest in a costly redecoration or renovation of your bathroom. Our tubs feature universally appealing smooth contours that complement any design style. They are also available in a wide range of colors, so you are sure to find a color that matches existing décor.

Contact one of our professional customer service representatives today and let them help you choose from our wide selection of walk in tubs. You’re sure to find one that will be perfect for your Woodstock, GA, home. We offer professional installation and, of course, estimates are free.