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Walkin Tubs – Improving Quality of Life for Vinings, GA Residents

Walkin Tubs ViningsHaving one of our walkin tubs installed in your Vinings, Georgia, home is one investment that can improve your lifestyle and make your daily routine more enjoyable. Our bathtubs give you and your family a level a comfort and safety that cannot be matched by standard tubs. Whether you or a loved one is dealing with limited mobility, chronic pain, or constant discomfort, or perhaps you simply want to reduce your chances of falling while bathing, we have a bathtub that is sure to meet your needs and expectations.

Our walkin tubs can make your daily routine easier and more enjoyable by providing:

Safety and security – Our walkin tubs are carefully designed with your safety in mind and feature slip-resistant surfaces, grab-bars, low entrance thresholds, comfortable built-in seats, and water-tight doors.

  • Independence – Because of the numerous safety features that come with walkin tubs, many of our customers who previously needed assistance in order to bathe have found that they can perform this daily function without help from others, which restores precious privacy and dignity.
  • Therapeutic benefits – Choosing to upgrade to one of our therapeutic tubs may provide you with a way to relieve stress, anxiety, and temporarily relieve pain or discomfort. Choices include hydrotherapy bathtubs, with massaging air jets; aromatherapy bathtubs, which release fragrance-filled pellets into the water; or chromatherapy bathtubs, which use underwater lighting to create a peaceful or romantic mood.
  • Luxury – Not only are our therapy tubs beneficial for health reasons, they are also perfect for anyone seeking a luxurious bathing experience. When you install one of our therapeutic tubs in your home, you can give your bathroom a spa-like feel and provide yourself and your family with exceptional comfort and relaxation options.

For more information about how our walkin tubs can improve your lifestyle, contact us today. We are happy to serve customers in Vinings, GA.