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Walkin Tubs Provide Safe Bathing Options for Tucker, GA, Homeowners 

Walkin Tubs TuckerWalkin tubs can provide you and your neighbors in Tucker, Georgia, with a safer bathing alternative than bathing in a traditional bathtub. That’s because walkin tubs are designed with your wellbeing in mind and come with a plethora of safety features that can give you back your independence and restore your ability to bathe with limited or no supervision.

Countless people have benefitted from the safety features that come with our walkin tubs, which include:

  • Side-grips and grab bars that you can hold onto when entering or exiting the tub
  • Slip-resistant surfaces that help reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling in the tub
  • Locking doors that are watertight to reduce the chances of hazardous puddles on the floor

Of course, it’s not just safety that is behind the design of our walkin tubs. Your comfort is important as well. That’s why you’ll find chair-height, built-in seating that reduces strain on your joints. Our water and drain controls are also easy to reach while you’re sitting in the chair, which eliminates the need to stretch or change positions. What’s more, our tubs are twice the depth of standard bathtubs, so you will be able to immerse yourself in water all the way up to your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy a full-body bathing experience without having to recline in an uncomfortable position.

Additionally, we offer the option of upgrading your walkin tub to one of our therapeutic tubs. Options include chromatherapy bathtubs, which utilize underwater colored lighting that uses the light spectrum to reduce anxiety and provide a pleasant atmosphere; aromatherapy bathtubs, which feature scented beads that fill the air with pleasant aromas designed to reduce stress and ease tension; and hydrotherapy bathtubs, which employ underwater air jets to massage sore muscles and aching joints.

For more information about our line of walkin tubs and therapeutic tub options for your Tucker, GA, home, contact us today.