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Walkin Tubs Offer Safety, Comfort, and Therapeutic Benefits to Stockbridge, GA, Homeowners 

Walkin Tubs StockbridgeCountless Stockbridge, GA, homeowners are choosing walkin tubs because they are an investment in safety and comfort that can provide priceless returns in peace of for years. Walkin tubs are designed with safety features that can make bathing easier for anyone, but are especially beneficial for those who live with chronic pain or limited mobility.

When you install one of our walkin tubs in your home, you will enjoy:

  • Safety – Numerous safety features include side grips and grab-bars, so you always have something stable to hold on to. And you won’t have to worry about climbing over high bathtub walls anymore because our tubs have a threshold that is only a couple of inches high, so you can literally just walk right in and close the locking door behind you. You will also find that your chances of slipping and falling are greatly reduced because our walkin tubs are constructed with slip-resistant surfaces.
  • Comfort – Your comfort is assured because walkin tubs comes with built-in, chair-height seating, so that you can enjoy a bath without having to recline in an uncomfortable position. Also, at dimensions that are twice the depth of standard tubs, you will be able to enjoy a full-immersion bathing experience.
  • Therapy – The benefits of warm water are greatly enhanced when you upgrade your purchase to one of our therapeutic tubs. Therapy tub options include hydrotherapy bathtubs, which use underwater air jets to soothe sore muscles and aching joints; chromatherapy bathtubs, which display underwater colored lights to improve mood, balance, and harmony; and aromatherapy bathtubs, which release scented beads into the water that can reduce stress and anxiety.

For more information about walkin tubs and how they can provide you with a safe, comfortable, and luxurious bathing experience in your Stockbridge, Georgia, home, contact us today. Our representatives will be happy to answer any questions about our products and help you choose the perfect walkin tub for your needs.