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Walkin Tubs for Johns Creek, GA, Homeowners

Walkin Tubs Johns CreekFor many Johns Creek, Georgia, homeowners, our walkin tubs are an ideal way to reduce the chances of injury due to a slip or fall in the bathroom. That’s because our tubs come with a multitude of carefully thought out safety features that you won’t find in ordinary bathtubs.

Some of the safety features of our walkin tubs include:

  • Grab bars – to give you something to hold on to
  • Slip-resistant surfaces – to lessen the dangers of slipping and falling on a watery surface
  • Easy-to-reach controls – to allow you to adjust water flow and access drainage without straining
  • Leak-proof, locking doors – to prevent a hazardous, watery mess on the bathroom floor
  • Comfortable chair-height, built-in seating – to reduce strain on joints and eliminate having to get up from an uncomfortable position
  • Low entrance barrier – to eliminate the need to climb into and out of the bath; all you have to do is step into the tub and close the door

In addition, our walkin tubs can be customized with luxurious, therapeutic features that can enhance your comfort and relaxation.  Our therapeutic tubs can temporarily soothe aches and pains, and provide some relief from stress and anxiety. Therapy tub options include aromatherapy bathtubs, which release scented pellets into the bath water, surrounding you with soothing fragrance that is ideal for reducing stress; chromatherapy bathtubs, which incorporate underwater lighting that changes colors, evoking emotional responses such as peacefulness or romance; and hydrotherapy bathtubs, which use underwater air jets for soothing massages that target sore joints or muscles.

You’ll also find that our walkin tubs can beautify your bathroom. You’ll love the modern, contoured design of our bathtubs, and you can choose from a variety of colors to ensure that your new tub either complements your existing bathroom or accommodates your design style should you decide to redecorate.

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