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Exceptional Walkin tubs Installed in Dunwoody, GA, Homes 

Walkin Tubs DunwoodyDunwoody, Georgia, residents are finding that walkin tubs can add value to their homes in a multitude of ways. Homeowners who have these modern tubs installed love how they update the appearance of their bathrooms, and also can help them to bathe confidently and securely, thanks to the many safety features these tubs offer.

The safety features of our walkin tubs include:

  • Low entrance barriers – The threshold of our tub is only a couple of inches high, so you can enter the tub easily without having to climb over a high step
  • Grab bars – Provide you with something to hold on to while changing positions
  • Leak-proof doors – Locking the doors when you enter the tub ensures that there is no hazardous, watery mess on the floor
  • Slip-resistant surfaces – Reduces the chance of slipping
  • Easy-to-reach controls – Conveniently placed controls makes it easy to operate the water and drainage controls
  • And more

When our customers choose one of our walkin tubs, they will also have the option to upgrade their purchase to one of our several therapy tub options. Therapeutic tubs can be enjoyed by anyone, but are commonly sought after by people who are looking for temporary relief from conditions such as nerve damage, arthritis, muscle soreness, anxiety, and more. There are several therapy tub options to choose from, including hydrotherapy bathtubs, which feature underwater jets for a soothing massage; aromatherapy tubs, which release scented beads into the bath water, creating a soothing fragrance; and chromatherapy tubs, which feature changing underwater lights that evoke serenity and romance.

For more information about our selection of walkin tubs for Dunwoody, GA, homeowners, contact us today.