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Walkin Tubs Options for Dacula, GA, Homeowners of All Ages 

Walkin Tubs DaculaWalkin tubs are attractive options for Dacula, GA, homeowners looking for safe and comfortable alternatives to standard bathtubs. While walkin tubs were originally designed for the elderly or physically challenged, their ease of use and compact design are making them more popular among the general population.

Users of all ages can appreciate the many features of walkin tubs, which include:

  • Built-in doors that lock securely and are water-tight, eliminating the likelihood of a puddles on the floor
  • Faucets that are easily within reach from the built-in seat, allowing for convenient temperature and water flow adjustment and drainage
  • Dimensions that are twice the depth of standard tubs, with a taller and narrower design that makes them popular among homeowners looking to convert a small space into a full bathroom

The depth of the tub also makes it easier for bathers to have a beneficial, deep-soaking experience. When seated on the built-in seat, they can enjoy warm water all the way up to their shoulders, the benefits of which are even more effective when their tub is upgraded to one of our therapeutic tubs. These walkin tubs come with luxurious features that will allow users to enjoy a spa-like experience for added comfort and relaxation. Upgrade options include hydrotherapy bathtubs, which use underwater air jets to soothe sore muscles and aching joints; aromatherapy bathtubs, which release scented beads underwater to envelope the bather in fragrances that may reduce stress and calm anxiety; and chromatherapy bathtubs, which features underwater lighting that employs the light spectrum to promote feelings of harmony and balance.

To learn more about how walkin tubs can upgrade any bathroom and make bathing comfortable and luxurious for anyone, contact our friendly representatives today. They will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for installing a walkin tub in your Dacula, Georgia, home.