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Homeowners Purchase Walkin Tubs for Their Alpharetta, GA, Homes

Walkin tubs AlpharettaWalkin tubs are becoming a popular new addition to the bathrooms of many Alpharetta, GA, homes. Whether it’s because of chronic pain or limited mobility due to age or illness, or simply the desire to have a luxurious bathing experience, more and more homeowners are choosing walkin tubs over standard bathtubs.

Our walkin bathtubs offer exceptional safety and comfort that is hard to beat. These safety features include:

  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Grab bars for an added measure of security
  • Easy-to-reach drainage and water controls
  • Chair-height seating that eases stress on joints
  • Low thresholds that eliminate the need to climb into tubs and instead allow bathers to easily walk into their tubs
  • Leak-proof, locking doors that eliminate the likelihood of a watery mess on the floor and potential slip hazard

In addition to safety, our walkin tubs – especially our therapeutic tubs – offer incredible luxury and allow you to enjoy a pleasurable bathing experience. Our hydrotherapy bathtubs feature underwater air jets that provide a relaxing underwater massage to soothe problem areas and temporarily relieve pain. Our aromatherapy tubs feature dissolvable pellets that release fragrant aromas that can reduce stress and alleviate tension. Chromatherapy, or light therapy tubs, come with underwater lights that can evoke positive emotions and may contribute to a feeling of well being for some people.

Furthermore, you’ll find that our walkin tubs make beautiful additions to any bathroom. They come in a variety of colors, and their sleek, modern design blends in to any style of décor.

Contact us today and let our friendly representatives answer your questions and help you choose the right walkin bathtub for your Alpharetta, Georgia, home. We’ll even provide you with free estimates and offer quality, professional installation.