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Walkin Tubs Are a Popular Option for Acworth, GA, Homeowners

Walkin Tubs AcworthHaving one of our walkin tubs installed in your Acworth, Georgia, home can enhance your lifestyle in so many ways. Outstanding safety features, therapeutic benefits, and a beautiful bathtub design all contribute to making our walkin tubs an important investment that can make your daily routine safer, easier, and more luxurious.

Our walkin bathtub products offer a plethora of safety features designed to make bathing easier, especially for those who suffer from chronic pain or limited mobility. The safety features found on our bathtubs include:

  • Grab bars
  • Comfortable chair-height seating
  • Non-slip surfacing
  • Leak-proof locking doors
  • Low-threshold entry

Not only are walkin tubs safe, but they also offer luxurious comfort when upgraded to therapeutic bathtubs. Ideal for unwinding after a stressful day, our therapy tubs may make you feel like you are in a spa. They can reduce stress and anxiety and temporarily relieve the pain or discomfort that can result from common ailments such as arthritis, loss-of-limb, heart disease, and many more. You can choose from the following therapy tub upgrades:

  • Hydrotherapy bathtubs – use air or water jets for underwater massage
  • Aromatherapy bathtubs – release scented beads into the water, distributing soothing aromas
  • Chromatherapy bathtubs – feature color-changing, underwater lights to create a peaceful or romantic mood

Finally, you will love the beautiful appearance of our walkin tubs. Their sleek, contoured design will elevate the look of any bathroom. And, because they come in a variety of colors, you’re sure to find one that complements your existing décor. You will love having the look of a rejuvenated bathroom without spending the money for a complete redesign.

For more information about having one of our walkin tubs installed in your Acworth, GA, home, contact one of our friendly representatives today. They’ll be glad to help you find the perfect walkin bathtub product.