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Walkin Bathtubs for Woodstock, GA, Residences

Walkin Bathtubs WoodstockWalkin bathtubs offer Woodstock, Georgia, homeowners the ideal combination of safety and comfort. Old age and various medical conditions can make mobility difficult or painful, and climbing over the side of a standard bathtub and lowering down into the tub can simply become too challenging or dangerous. That’s why walkin tubs are so beneficial – even individuals who previously relied on the help of others to bathe find that a walkin tub can give them the confidence and convenience they need to bathe independently or with very little help.

Homeowners who have walkin bathtubs installed in their homes find bathing to be so easy because of their:

  • Low entrance barriers – The thresholds to our walkin tubs are only a couple of inches high, so they can literally just step right in.
  • Built-in seats – Because our tubs have twice the depth of ordinary bathtubs, the seats can be built in at a comfortable chair height, which reduces joint strain.
  • Many other safety features – Walkin bathtubs feature grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, side grips, easy-to-reach controls, and leak-proof doors, which all reduce the chances of slips or falls occurring.

An additional benefit of having walkin tubs is that they can be upgraded to therapy bathtubs. Our aromatherapy, chromatherapy (light therapy), and hydrotherapy bathtubs all provide luxurious, spa-like effects that ordinary tubs simply can’t match. Therapy tubs are helpful for reducing stress or temporarily soothing aches and pains that accompany a variety of health issues.

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