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Walkin Bathtubs Installed in Tucker, GA, Homes

Walkin Bathtubs TuckerWalkin bathtubs could be just what residents of Tucker, GA, need to turn their ordinary bathrooms into sanctuaries. Beautiful walk in tubs are more popular than ever because, as our population ages, people look for ways to maintain their independence and enjoy the therapeutic benefits that walk in tubs can provide.

Our walk in tub is twice as deep as a standard tub, allowing your entire body to be immersed into warm, soothing water. A leak-proof door allows easy, walk-in access, so you don’t have to climb into the tub and risk being injured from a slip or fall. A built-in seat gives you a comfortable place to sit, while easy-to-reach controls make it convenient to adjust water flow. The slip-resistant surface and grab bars offer peace of mind and help make bathing safe and enjoyable once again.

And, if you want a more therapeutic bathing experience, we’ll surely have a product in our selection of therapy bathtubs that can meet your needs. Options include:

• Hydrotherapy bathtubs – Feature air jets for underwater massage
• Chromatherapy (light therapy) bathtubs – Use underwater lighting to evoke emotional responses
• Aromatherapy bathtubs – Release scented beads that dissolve in the water and emit soothing, therapeutic fragrances

Furthermore, you can rest assured that a walk in tub will look beautiful in your bathroom. With a variety of color options to choose from, your new bathtub will complement your existing décor.
To find out more about our walkin bathtubs and how they can provide individuals with unparalleled safety and therapeutic benefits, contact us today. We are proud to serve homeowners in Tucker and other Georgia communities.