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Homeowners Choose Walkin Bathtubs for their Stone Mountain, GA, Homes

Walkin Bathtubs Stone MountainMany homeowners in Stone Mountain, Georgia, are choosing to add walkin bathtubs to their homes. They know that walk in tubs make bathing safe and easy when physical limitations or discomfort become an issue. The safety features found in our walk in tubs offer an easier, more secure way to bathe and can help many individuals preserve dignity and independence for years.

Our walk in tubs have safety features that include:

• Slip-resistant surfaces
• Grab bars for added security
• Low thresholds that eliminate the need to climb into tubs and instead allow bathers to simply walk into their tubs
• Chair-height, built-in seats that help reduce stress on joints and make exiting the tubs easier

In addition to safety, our walk in tubs can provide the height of luxury when upgraded to therapy bathtubs. Options include hydrotherapy bathtubs, with underwater massaging air jets; aromatherapy bathtubs, with dissolvable beads that release fragrant aromas; and chromatherapy (or light therapy) bathtubs, with underwater lights that can evoke positive emotions. Our therapy tubs can be used to help reduce stress, soothe aching muscles and sore joints, or temporarily relieve symptoms that often accompany a variety of medical conditions such arthritis, diabetes, or nerve damage.

Furthermore, our customers are thrilled by how beautiful our products look in their bathrooms. The modern design of our tubs, which come in a wide variety of colors, blends well with any décor.

Contact us today and let our friendly representatives answer your questions and help you choose the perfect walk in bath tub for your Stone Mountain, GA, home.