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Walkin Bathtubs Installed in McDonough, GA, Homes

Walkin Bathtubs McDonoughMcDonough, Georgia, homeowners know that installing walkin bathtubs in their homes can be beneficial for so many reasons. They know that living with chronic pain or limited mobility doesn’t mean they can’t have a safe and luxurious bathing experience.

Standard tubs cannot compare with the numerous safety features that are available in walk in tubs. With features like low entrance barriers, non-slip surfaces, and comfortable built-in seating, our tubs provide the epitome of safe bathing. In addition, they can be upgraded to therapy bathtubs, which bring luxury to a whole new level. Aromatherapy, chromatherapy (light therapy), and hydrotherapy bathtubs are all available to enhance the therapeutic effects of bathing.

Regardless of the type of tub homeowners might choose, our walk in bathtubs can help them:

• Find relief from discomfort – People with arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, a lost limb, or circulatory problems could all benefit from relaxing in warm water. Our tubs are twice the depth of standard tubs, which allows the built in seat to be at a comfortable height. This reduces joint strain and also allows complete submersion in the water.
• Reduce stress – Bathing is a proven stress reliever, and therapy tubs enhance the experience.
• Re-discover their independence – Aside from having numerous safety features, walk in tubs help individuals regain their independence. Because the controls and drain are easily reached, bathers may find that they can turn the water on and off and drain the tub without assistance. Additionally, the locking, leak-proof door makes it easy to enter and exit with little or no help.

McDonough, GA, homeowners can contact us today for more information about the benefits of having walkin bathtubs installed in their homes.