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Walkin Bathtubs Provided for Homes in Kennesaw, GA

Walkin Bathtubs KennesawLately, walkin bathtubs are becoming more and more popular with Kennesaw, Georgia, homeowners. That’s because these innovative tubs provide safety, comfort, luxury, and style suitable for anyone’s needs. Walkin tubs are especially helpful for individuals who struggle with limited mobility. Climbing over the edge of a standard bathtub and lowering yourself down into the tub can be challenging, painful, and even dangerous, but a walkin tub could be the perfect solution to these problems. With a low entrance barrier only a couple of inches high and a built-in seat at a regular chair’s height, a walkin bathtub makes bathing easy and comfortable.

Walkin bathtubs also boast many safety features that make bathing simpler and safer, including:

  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Leak-proof, locking doors
  • Grab bars
  • Controls that are easy to reach and use
  • Side grips

Walkin bathtubs can even be upgraded to therapy bathtubs, for luxurious, spa-like baths that provide the ultimate comfort – another reason they are exceedingly popular. You can choose from aromatherapy bathtubs, which dissolve scented beads in the bath water to emit calming fragrances; hydrotherapy bathtubs, which use underwater air jets to provide soothing massage effects; or chromatherapy bathtubs, which feature color-changing lights that can actually evoke emotional responses. Therapy tubs are often used to temporarily relieve stress or painful symptoms associated with medical conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, back soreness, and more.

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