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Walkin Bathtubs for Duluth, GA, Homeowners

Walkin Bathtubs DuluthHomeowners in Duluth, Georgia, will appreciate how our walkin bathtubs products can transform their bathing routines from being arduous and possibly dangerous, to being enjoyable and therapeutic.

Our walk in tubs are easy to get into and out of with little or no help. Simply open the leak-proof door, step over the low threshold, shut the door and lock it, and have a seat on the comfortable, built-in chair. Then, using the easy-to-reach controls, turn on the water and enjoy. Our tubs are twice the depth of standard bathtubs, allowing the water to go all the way up to your neck, or as high as you feel comfortable. You’ll feel the cares of the world melt away as the soothing waters relax your muscles. When it’s time to get out of the tub, just drain the water, use our secure grab bars for support, open the door, and step out. Bathing can once again be the simple, enjoyable, and independent luxury that it used to be.

To take that luxury to the next level, consider investing in one of our therapy bathtubs. Our therapeutic products include:

• Hydrotherapy bathtubs – Air jets provide underwater massage to soothe sore muscles and joints.
• Aromatherapy bathtubs – Calming fragrances are released in the water to relieve anxiety and stress.
• Chromatherapy bathtubs – Underwater lights evoke positive emotions, which can speed healing and reduce stress.

For more information on how a walk in bath tub can make your bathing experiences safe and enjoyable, contact one of our friendly representatives today. We proudly serve homeowners in Duluth, GA, and will be happy to give you an estimate.