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Walkin Bathtubs for Residents of Alpharetta, GA

Walkin Bathtubs AlpharettaWalkin bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular for Alpharetta, Georgia, homeowners who are looking for safety and comfort. Walkin tubs are known for their low entrances; their thresholds are just a couple of inches high, so you can literally just walk right in. Then, all you have to do is swing the leak-proof door shut behind you and sit down on the chair-height seat.

However, walkin bathtubs provide much more than just comfortable seating and easy entrance. They are also highly valued for their:

  • Safety – Walkin tubs boast a multitude of safety features, such as grab bars, side grips, slip-resistance surfacing, conveniently located controls, and leak-proof, locking doors. Individuals who are troubled by limited mobility often find that the low entrance barrier and many safety features of a walkin tub give them the confidence they need to bathe independently.
  • Style – With their sleek, modern design, smooth contours, and various color options, walkin tubs make a great addition to any bathroom.
  • Luxury – When upgraded to therapy bathtubs, our walkin tubs provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. You can choose from hydrotherapy bathtubs, aromatherapy bathtubs, or chromatherapy (light therapy) bathtubs.

Therapy tubs are often used to help reduce stress or temporarily relieve painful symptoms of a wide variety of health issues. While walkin bathtubs can’t be used to treat medical conditions, they oftentimes can soothe side effects like aching muscles or sore joints.

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