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Walk in Tubs for Woodstock, GA, Residences

walk in tubs WoodstockOne of the most sought after perks of walk in tubs is the ability to choose from several therapy bathtub options. No matter if you are looking to relieve chronic pain, calm your nerves after a hard day, or just enjoy the luxurious comforts of a spa bath, a therapy tub is sure to give you a bathing experience that simply can’t be equaled by an ordinary bathtub. A hydrotherapy bathtub, for example, uses underwater, massaging jets to soothe and relax you. Some of our Georgia customers have found that therapy tubs relieve discomfort associated with various conditions, like sciatica, arthritis, or nerve damage.

In addition to providing outstanding comfort, walk in tubs are also safe and easy to use. If you are troubled with limited mobility or just want a bathtub that reduces your fear of injury, then one of our tubs could be the perfect solution. Your new walk in tub will feature:

  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • A low entrance barrier
  • A built-in seat positioned at an ideal height
  • Twice the depth of an ordinary bathtub
  • Grab bars and side grips
  • Easy-to-reach controls
  • A fast drainage system
  • A secure, locking door

These outstanding safety features have even made it possible for individuals who previously relied on the help of others to be able to bathe independently. Our customers also enjoy the sleek, modern design of our bathtubs. With multiple color options and looks to choose from, you’re sure to find a tub that complements the décor of your bathroom.

To find out more about our walk in tubs for people living in Woodstock, GA, contact us today.