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Walk in Tubs for Sandy Springs, GA, Residences

walk in tubs Sandy SpringsIf you live in Sandy Springs, Georgia, then you have access to our amazing inventory of walk in tubs and therapy tubs. One of our innovative bathtubs can provide you with a level of safety and convenience that can’t be paralleled by any ordinary tub. With an entrance threshold only a couple inches high and a built-in seat positioned at the ideal height for comfort, getting into the bath has never been easier—simply step in and take a seat. Plus, with a plethora of safety features including grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, easy-to-reach controls, and side grips, one of our bathtubs will greatly reduce your chances of falling.

You’ll even have the option to upgrade to a therapy bathtub. You can choose from:

  • An aromatherapy bathtub – Releases scented beads to be dissolved in the warm bath water, surrounding you in delightful fragrances.
  • A chromatherapy bathtub – Features underwater lighting that changes colors and creates a calming atmosphere.
  • A hydrotherapy bathtub – Uses air jets for a relaxing underwater massage.

Therapy tubs create a luxurious bathing experience for anyone who uses them; however, they’re especially beneficial to those who are looking to reduce anxiety or relax after a stressful day. Therapeutic walk in tubs can even be useful for decreasing pain or discomfort from conditions like arthritis or sciatica.

For a free estimate, or to get more information about having one of our walk in tubs installed in your Sandy Springs, GA, residence, please contact us today.