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Walk in Tubs for Norcross, GA, Residents

walk in tubs NorcrossOur walk in tubs are great for Norcross, Georgia, homeowners who struggle on a daily basis with limited mobility or chronic pain. If climbing over the side of your standard bathtub causes you discomfort or makes you fear falling and getting hurt, then one of our walk in baths is just what you need. Walk in baths have low entrance barriers that are easy to step over and built-in seats that are at the perfect height for comfort. Plus, our tubs have many other safety features, like grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, easy-to-use controls, and secure, leak-proof doors that will give you the confidence you need to bathe independently even if you previously relied on the assistance of others.

You can also upgrade your walk in bath to a therapy bathtub. Therapy tubs can reduce stress or even alleviate discomfort that accompanies various health issues, such as arthritis, circulatory disease, or lower back pain. You can upgrade to a:

  • Chromatherapy bathtub – Creates a relaxing atmosphere with underwater, color-changing lights.
  • Aromatherapy bathtub – Releases scented beads into the bath water, which dissolve and produce calming fragrances.
  • Hydrotherapy bathtub – Uses air jets for a luxurious, underwater massage.

Our walk in tubs are extremely stylish, featuring sleek contours that can give a modern feel to any bathroom. You can choose from different color options to find the perfect match for your décor.

To get a free estimate and more information about our walk in tubs for Norcross, GA, homeowners, please contact us today.