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Walk in Tubs for Gainesville, GA, Homes

walk in tubs GainesvilleWalk in tubs have a plethora of safety features that ordinary bathtubs lack, which makes them a smart purchase for any homeowner since bathroom accidents are so commonplace. Our bathtubs are described as “walk in” because of their low entrances—the barriers are only a couple of inches high, so getting into the tub is as easy as stepping across a threshold. This makes entering the tub much safer than climbing over the side of a standard bathtub. Walk in bathtubs also feature locking doors, built-in seats, grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, and conveniently placed controls.

In addition to being safe, our tubs are also therapeutic and relaxing. When you purchase one of our walk in tubs for your home in Gainesville, Georgia, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a therapy bathtub. Our upgrade options include:

  • A hydrotherapy bathtub – air jets provide a soothing, underwater massage
  • An aromatherapy bathtub – scented beads melt in the warm water to emit relaxing fragrances
  • A chromatherapy bathtub – color-changing lights create a beautiful underwater display

Therapy tubs have been known to aid in reducing high stress and anxiety levels, and they also are a great way to unwind after an exhausting day. Additionally, people who suffer from medical conditions that cause discomfort or chronic pain—such as arthritis, back problems, or the loss of a limb—have found that therapy tubs can sometimes be a source of temporary relief for their symptoms.

Please contact us today if you would like more information about our walk in tubs for Gainesville, GA, homeowners.