Additional Information

Purchasing a Walk in Tub for Your Snellville Home is Simple and Hassle-Free

Have you considered a walk in tub for your Snellville home, yet decided against it because of the potential high cost and evasive installation process? We are confident that you’ll be able to find a walk in bath tub ideal to fit your family’s needs at an affordable rate for your household. Plus, on top of that our installation process has been simplified to be as efficient and stress-free as possible. Our skilled technicians understand they are working in your home and are committed to providing respectful, high-quality service.

Our technicians will leave you with a beautifully crafted walk in bath tub at your Georgia home. All our our walkin bath tubs feature:

  • Lowered tub barrier
  • Easy-to-access drainage system
  • Bathing controls within convenient reach
  • Leak-proof door with secure locking mechanism
  • Ideal seat height to reduce joint strain

When you purchase a walkin tub with us you can guarantee it will be a hassle-free because our all-inclusive services take you through the process of sale to installation seamlessly. You’ll start by speaking with our experience sales team who are dedicated to finding the ideal walkin tub for your home.

For more information on our walkin tubs or therapy tubs, contact us today. We look forward to telling you about our products and helping you choose the perfect walk in tub for your needs.