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3 Reasons to Install a Walk in Tub in Your Sandy Spring Home    

If you are living with limited mobility, adding a walk in tub to your Sandy Spring home can be a great addition to your household. Our products offer comfort and assistance for those with arthritis, lower back pain, a balance disorder, extreme stress, nerve and joint issues, and loss of limb, to name a few.

Here are just a few reasons why investing in a walkin tub for your home might be for you. Our walk in tubs provide:

1-     Safety – All of our walkin tub models come standard with top-of-the-line safety features, including slip-resistant seating, secure grab bars, lowered tub barriers, and leak-proof doors.

2-     Luxury – In addition to our walkin bath tub models, we also have a variety of therapy tubs in our inventory that will add luxury and comfort to the bathing routine. Many customers who upgraded to therapy tubs suffer from arthritis, anxiety, sciatica, and joint and nerve issues.

3-     Privacy – The specialized safety features of our walkin tubs gives our customers the confidence to bathe privately or with limited supervision.

These are just a few benefits to installing a walkin tub into your home. Our experienced sales staff can fill you in on all the conveniences that a walkin tub will add to your daily routine. For more information about our walk in tubs, walk in showers, and therapy tubs, contact us today. We look forward to sharing the information you’ll need about our products in order to make an informed decision.