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A Walk in Tub Provides More Than Just Safety for Marietta Homes

walk in tub mariettaIf you suffer from limited mobility, a walk in tub could be the addition to your Marietta home you have been looking for. Our walk in bath tubs not only provide safety, but also comfort to those living with debilitating conditions.

Our standard walkin bath tub model is easy and safe to use. For the majority of our customers our products give them the security and confidence to privately bathe. Unlike a traditional tub, there are no high barriers to step over upon entering and exiting the tub. Once inside, the tub controls are all within comfortable reaching distance and a slip-resistant seat is positioned at the ideal height to not additional strain on limbs.

Standard walkin tub models can be easily upgraded to therapy tubs, to include beneficial features such as:

  • Hydrotherapy – Air or water jets provide a gentle pulse to relieve joint stiffness and muscle strain.
  • Aromatherapy – A holistic feature that releases scented beads into the warmed water.
  • Chromatheraphy – Lighting effects are used to evoke emotional responses, including calming, healing, and romance.

If you are living with arthritis, loss of limb, extreme stress, lower back pain, or any condition that is limiting your mobility, contact our staff for more information on our product features and how they can benefit your lifestyle. We look forward to narrowing down our expansive collection and finding the walk in tub that is perfect for your Marietta household.