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Why Buying a Walk in Tub from Our Lawrenceville Retailer is Better than the Rest

If you are looking for a walk in tub for your Lawrenceville residence, we are confident we have the features you are searching for. Our selection of walk in tubs offers much needed relief to our customers living with limited mobility or painful conditions. Many of our clients have found their walkin bath tub has relieved pain associated with arthritis, sciatica, circulatory disease, heart conditions, and muscle and joint issues. Walk in tubs also provide the safety and confidence for many of our customers to once again bathe privately or with limited supervision.

So, why is buying a walkin tub from us superior to the competition? Here are just a few of our outstanding features:

  • Unlike standard tubs where getting in and out requires stepping over a high barrier, our walk in tubs have a lowered barrier. Simply open the secure door, step into the tub, and close the door behind you.
  • Our doors are leak-proof and are installed with a secure locking mechanism.
  • All of our walkin bath tubs include conveniently arranged controls within reach, including grab bars, water controls, and shower wand.
  • Flooring and seating surfaces in our walk in tubs are slip-resistant to ensure the safety of our customers. Also, the seat height has been positioned to limit joint and muscle strain.

Our walkins can also be upgraded to therapy tubs, which further relieve pain and provide relaxation for the users. Ideal for someone suffering from a painful condition or those looking to add spa-like luxury to their household routine, our upgraded features include aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and light therapy.

For more information about our walk in tub models available to Lawrenceville residents, please contact our office today. Our experienced staff is looking forward to helping you design your dream walkin bath tub.