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Walk in Bathtubs for Tucker, Georgia, Homes

walk in bathtubs TuckerMany people in Tucker, GA, choose to have walk in bathtubs installed in their homes because these tubs provide homeowners with a combination of safety, luxury, and style that simply can’t be compared to standard, run-of-the-mill bathtubs. Walkin bath tubs boast twice the depth of ordinary tubs, which means that you can sit comfortably on a built-in seat and still be submerged in the warm bath. This is also what makes the “walk in” possible—entering the tub is as easy as stepping across a low threshold and swinging a small door shut behind you. Our bathtubs also encompass a number of other safety features, including grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, and easy-to-reach controls that are simple to use.

When it comes to luxury, our therapy bath tub upgrades can’t be beat. Our walk in bathtubs can be customized with:

  • Aromatherapy – Scented beads dissolve in the bath water, releasing calming fragrances into the air
  • Chromatherapy – Color-changing, underwater lights create a delightful bathing experience
  • Hydrotherapy – Air jets target troublesome areas for a relaxing, underwater massage

And let’s not forget about style—if you’re thinking that a walk in tub might look boxy or out of place in your bathroom, think again. Designed with aesthetics in mind, our walk in tubs feature a modern design with smooth contours and sleek lines. Plus, our expert technicians will ensure that your new tub fits nicely in your available space.

Contact us today to learn more about our amazing walk in bathtubs for Tucker, Georgia, homes. We offer more than just outstanding products—we provide unrivaled customer service as well.