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Walk in Bathtubs for Snellville, GA, Homes

walk in bathtubs SnellvilleWhen people living with limited mobility or chronic pain have walk in bathtubs installed in their Snellville, Georgia, homes, they find that they are able to regain their independence and bathe safely with little or no assistance from others. Walkin bath tubs feature a plethora of security features that you simply can’t find in ordinary tubs, including slip-resistant surfaces, safety grab bars, easy-to-reach controls, and secure, locking doors. Best of all, our tubs have entrance barriers that are only a few inches high—you simply step across the threshold, swing the door shut behind you, and sit down on the built-in seat. This means you are much less likely to slip and fall because you no longer need to worry about climbing over the high side of your bathtub or lowering yourself down into it.

Walk in bathtubs can even be upgraded to include various therapeutic options for additional comfort. You can choose from the following therapy bath tub options:

  • Aromatherapy tub – Scented beads are released into the hot bath water, surrounding you in relaxing fragrances.
  • Hydrotherapy tub – Massaging water jets soothe sore muscles or stiff joints.
  • Chromatherapy tub – Underwater lighting is used to influence emotional responses.

These therapy tubs are commonly used by those who seek relief for pain associated with a wide range of medical conditions, such as arthritis, nerve damage, sciatica, or loss of a limb. Relaxing therapy tub features are also useful for reducing stress or anxiety.

To learn more about our walk in bathtubs for homeowners in Snellville, GA, please contact us today.