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Walk in Bathtubs for Hampton, GA, Residences

walk in bathtubs HamptonWalk in bathtubs become more and more popular every day for Hampton, Georgia, homeowners. With a multitude of safety features and several therapeutic upgrade options, these tubs have proven to be extremely beneficial for individuals living with pain or limited mobility. But that’s not to say that to say that these individuals are the only ones who benefit from walkin bath tubs. Everyone who uses these tubs finds themselves in the lap of luxury with relaxing, spa-like comfort that simply can’t be found in standard bathtubs.

There are numerous benefits to having a walk in tub installed in your home, including:

  • Safety – Walk in bathtubs feature grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, locking doors, entrance barriers only a couple of inches high, easily accessible controls, and more. With all of this security, there are fewer chances for slips and falls compared to using standard bathtubs.
  • Independent living – Many of those who are living with pain or limited mobility find that they can bathe with ease in our tubs without relying on the assistance or supervision of others.
  • Therapeutic comfort – With one of our therapy bath tub upgrades, homeowners can enjoy the added luxury of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, or light therapy. Therapy tubs can reduce stress and anxiety, and they can also soothe painful symptoms associated with various medical conditions.

A walk in tub will make a stylish addition to any home because of its sleek contours and modern look. And, homeowners can choose from a variety of color options, for a unique look that complements their own taste.

If you’d like more information about our walk in bathtubs for Hampton, GA, homeowners, please contact us today.