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Walk in Bathtub Options for Atlanta, GA, Homeowners 

Walk In Bathtub Atlanta, GAWhether it’s for you or for a loved one, a walk in bath tub installed in your Atlanta, GA, home can be incredible beneficial. When chronic pain or limited mobility, whether due to age or medical conditions, makes bathing independently impossible, there can be a loss of privacy and dignity. Walk in tubs can restore independence because they are designed with numerous safety features that make bathing easy, and more importantly, safe.

Some of those safety features that you won’t find in ordinary tubs include:

  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Grab bars
  • Side grips
  • Easy-to-reach water and drainage controls
  • Leaking-proof, locking door

As if the safety features aren’t enough, we offer walk in tubs that can include therapeutic options, providing exceptional comfort and pain relief. Our therapy tubs include aromatherapy bathtubs, which release beads that dissolve in the water and produce fragrant aromas that can reduce stress; chromatherapy bathtubs, which employ the light spectrum with underwater colored lighting that can reduce anxiety; and hydrotherapy bathtubs, which use underwater air jets that gently massage sore muscles or aching joints, temporarily relieving pain.

Additionally, walk in tubs are available in a variety of colors, and feature a beautiful, contemporary design that blends with any type of décor. You will appreciate how these tubs can give your bathroom a rejuvenated feel, without the expense of a costly remodel.

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