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Enjoy the Benefits of a Walk in Bath in Your Woodstock, GA, Home 

Walk in Bath WoodstockPurchasing a walk in bath tub for your Woodstock, Georgia, home could be one of the most important investments you ever make. How many times can you say you purchased a product that makes you feel safer while bathing, reduces stress, provides temporary relief of pain caused by some health conditions, and looks beautiful in your home? You’ll enjoy these benefits when a walk in bath tub is installed in your home.

Walk in bath tubs come with so many safety features that it is virtually impossible not to feel more secure when bathing in one, as opposed to bathing in an old, standard tub. Unlike many traditional tubs, our tubs feature a walk in door that allows you to enter without having to climb over high tub walls. They come equipped with grab bars and side grips, so there is always something stable to hold onto for support. You will also appreciate the chair-height, built-in seating that allow you to rest comfortably in your tub without having to recline into an uncomfortable position. And, because our tubs are twice the depth of standard tubs, they allow you to enjoy the soothing comfort and benefits of immersing yourself up to your shoulders in warm water.

Those benefits are enhanced when you upgrade your purchase to one of our therapy bath tubs. Depending on the tub you choose, you will be able to enjoy a tub that can reduce stress and soothe your aching muscles. Therapy tub options include:

  • Chromatherapy bath tubs – with underwater colored lights designed to reduce stress
  • Aromatherapy bath tubs – with dissolvable fragrant pellets to reduce anxiety
  • Hydrotherapy bath tubs – with air jets to provide underwater massage to sore muscles

And you can be sure that a walk in tub will look beautiful in your home. Its sleek, modern design is available in a variety of colors that are sure to complement any décor. Once one of our tubs is installed, you will enjoy the rejuvenated look of your bathroom, without the price or hassle of a complete renovation.

Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of installing a walk in bath tub in your Woodstock, GA, home.