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Walk in Bath Tub Products for Vinings, GA, Homeowners

walk in bath tub ViningsIf using a standard bath tub is difficult or painful for you, consider having a walk in bath tub installed in your Vinings, Georgia, home. No matter what may be making your daily bathing routine challenging for you, a walk in tub could be the ideal solution for bathing safely and comfortably. One of the most favored features of our walk in bath tubs is their low entrance barriers. These thresholds are only a couple of inches high, so you can literally just walk in—no more balancing acts while climbing over the tall side of your tub.

Your new walk in tub will also boast a wealth of other safety features that can reduce your fear of injury and make bathing much more manageable. These features include:

  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Grab bars
  • Easy-to-reach controls
  • Built-in seats at a comfortable height
  • Side grips
  • Leak-proof, locking doors

In addition to making your bathing experience easier and safer, a walk in tub can also provide you with outstanding luxury when you upgrade to a therapeutic tub. Our hydrotherapy tubs use air jets for an underwater massage that can be used to target sore muscles or aching joints; aromatherapy tubs release scented beads into the bath water to fill the air with delightful fragrances; and chromatherapy tubs feature underwater color-changing light displays to create a relaxing environment. Therapy tubs can be great for reducing high stress levels and could possibly provide temporary relief for painful or discomforting side effects that accompany health conditions like arthritis, balance disorders, circulatory issues, sciatica issues, and more.

To find out more about the walk in bath tub options for your Vinings, GA, home, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with an estimate.