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Walk in Bath Tub Products for Sandy Springs, GA, Homes

walk in bath tub Sandy SpringsDo you need a safer or more accessible alternative to a standard bath tub? If so, consider a walk in bath tub for your home in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Walk in tubs feature entrance barriers that are just a couple of inches high; so, instead of climbing over the high side of your bath tub, you simply have to step over a low threshold. Plus, you can enjoy your bath from the comfort of a chair-height built-in seat. Our tubs also boast a wealth of safety features, such as slip-resistant surfaces, grab bars, leak-proof doors, easy-to-use controls, and side grips.

With a walk in tub, you’re getting the best combination of safety, luxury, and style. Your new walk in tub can help you to:

  • Regain your independence – Individuals who rely on the assistance of others to bathe in standard bath tubs often find that our walk in tubs give them the confidence and security they need to bathe without help.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety – While a hot bath is relaxing in itself, it’s even more luxurious when if you upgrade to a therapeutic tub. Our hydrotherapy tubs, aromatherapy tubs, and chromatherapy (light therapy) tubs are known for their ability to calm the nerves and help bathers unwind after a long day.
  • Find temporary relief for pain or discomfort – Although a therapy tub should not be considered a treatment for medical conditions, it can indeed provide temporary relief for symptoms associated with a range of health issues, such as arthritis, heart disease, balance disorders, and more.

Additionally, a walk in tub can even improve the overall appearance of your bathroom. Replacing an old, dingy, or otherwise unappealing bath tub is a great way to brighten up the entire room. The sleek contours of our tubs’ modern design are also a great complement to any décor.

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