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Walk in Bath Tub Installation for Homeowners in McDonough, GA

Walk in Bath Tub McDonoughWhen you have a walk in bath tub installed in your McDonough, Georgia, home, you’re creating a safer bath experience for everyone in your household. With a wealth of safety features, such as grab bars, side grips, slip-resistant surfaces, and locking doors, walk in tubs provide a reduced chance of slipping or falling. Plus, walk in tubs also have low entrance barriers and built-in seats for easy access and comfort. If you or a family member is faced with limited mobility, you may find that a walk in tub will allow you to bathe independently and confidently.

Not only are walk in tubs safe, but they’re also luxurious. When you purchase a walk in tub, you’ll have the option to upgrade it to a therapeutic tub, which can help you reduce stress, temporarily relieve aches and pains, or just unwind after a long day. Our hydrotherapy tubs include:

  • Aromatherapy tubs – Release scented beads into the water, emitting soothing fragrances
  • Hydrotherapy tubs – Use air jets for a relaxing underwater massage
  • Chromatherapy tubs – Feature underwater lighting that changes color and evokes emotional responses

You can rest assured that your new walk in tub won’t disappoint when it comes to style. Your new tub will feature a sleek design with smooth contours that will complement any décor. Plus, you’ll have multiple color options to choose from, as well.

For more information about having a walk in bath tub installed in your McDonough, GA, home, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, help you choose the ideal tub to meet your needs, and provide you with a cost estimate.