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Upgrade Your Bathroom in Decatur, GA, with a Walk in Bath Tub

Walk in Bath Tub DecaturIf you need a new tub for your Decatur, Georgia, home, why not choose a walk in bath tub? These tubs have a wealth of features that ordinary bathtubs lack, which can give users the confidence needed to bathe safely and comfortably without slipping or falling. Most notable are the low entrance barriers of walk in tubs that are only a couple of inches high and the seating, which is able to be built-in at chair height thanks to the tubs’ depth. This makes getting into the bath as simple as stepping over a very low threshold and sitting in a seat that’s at a comfortable height. Walk in tubs also incorporate a multitude of safety features, such as grab bars, slip-resistant surfacing, side grips, easy-to-reach controls, and leak-proof doors.

Therapeutic tub upgrades are also available for a level of luxury that simply can’t be matched by standard bathtubs. Therapy tub options include aromatherapy tubs, which fill the air with calming fragrances; chromatherapy tubs, which use color-changing lights to affect mood; and hydrotherapy tubs, which provide relaxing massage with underwater air jets.

Whether you want to reduce stress and anxiety, massage aching muscles, or simply pamper yourself with spa-like comfort, therapy tubs are highly beneficial. Many customers find that therapy tubs can even provide temporary relief for painful or discomforting symptoms that accompany a wide range of medical conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Balance disorders
  • Nerve damage or loss of a limb
  • Sciatica complications
  • And more

If you have any questions or would like more information about our walk in bath tub options, please contact us today. We will also be happy to provide you with a free price estimate for installation at your home in Decatur, GA.