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Walk in Bath Tub Options for Dacula, GA, Homes

Walk in Bath Tub DaculaA walk in bath tub will make the perfect addition to your home in Dacula, Georgia, if you are currently struggling with using your standard bathtub on a daily basis. Walk in tubs are known for making bathing easier and less strenuous on aching joints. Thanks to their low entrance barriers that are only a couple of inches high, getting into the tub is as easy as stepping across a threshold. And, because walk in tubs are twice as deep as standard tubs, the seating can be built in at chair height for additional comfort. Furthermore, walk in tubs boast many safety features, including grab bars, slip-resistant surfacing, side grips, easy-to-reach controls, and more, so you can bathe with confidence.

In addition to their outstanding safety and convenience, walk in tubs also provide therapeutic luxury. When you upgrade to a therapeutic tub, you will be able to choose from:

  • Aromatherapy tubs – Fill the air with calming fragrances by releasing scented, dissolvable beads into the bath water.
  • Hydrotherapy tubs – Provide soothing, underwater massage with their built-in air jets. These therapy tubs are great for targeting painful or discomforting medical symptoms for temporary relief.
  • Chromatherapy tubs – Display beautiful, color-changing lights under the water to evoke various emotional response.

Our walk in tubs are designed with a contemporary look that complements any bathroom décor. Plus, you will be sure to find a new tub that looks beautiful in your home because there are a variety of styles and color options from which to choose.

For more information about our walk in bath tub products, please contact us today and allow one of our knowledgeable representatives to answer your questions and help you choose the ideal tub for your home in Dacula, GA.