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Walk in Bath Tub Products Installed for Homeowners in Canton, GA

Walk in Bath Tub CantonA walk in bath tub is the ideal product to add to your home in Canton, Georgia, if you’re looking to make daily bathing safer and easier. The most notable feature of a walk in tub is its low entrance barrier. The threshold is only a couple of inches off the ground, which makes stepping into a walk in tub much easier than climbing over the side of a standard bathtub. Additionally, walk in tubs are twice as deep as ordinary tubs, so the built-in seats are able to be at chair height to reduce joint strain. Walk in tubs also boast a wealth of safety features, such as grab bars, side grips, locking doors, and slip-resistant surfacing, so you can feel much more confident about bathing without slipping or falling.

But did you know that a walk in tub offers more than just safety and comfort? It can also provide relaxation or even temporary relief for pain and discomfort when you upgrade to a therapeutic tub. You can choose from:

  • Hydrotherapy tubs – Target sore muscles or aching joints with massaging air jets, or simply bask in their luxury after a long day.
  • Chromatherapy tubs – Let the underwater, color-changing lights improve your mood.
  • Aromatherapy tubs – Calm your nerves or just relax while soothing aromas fill the air as scented beads are mixed into the warm bath water.

Your new walk in tub could even add a touch of style to your bathroom with its sleek, modern design. Plus, with a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a product that will look great with your current décor.

For a free estimate, or to schedule your installation for a new walk in bath tub at your home in Canton, GA, please contact us today.