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Walk in Bath Tub Products Installed for Residents of Buford, GA

Walk in Bath Tub BufordAdding a walk in bath tub to your home in Buford, Georgia, will provide you with the ideal combination of comfort, safety, and style. The most recognized feature of a walk in tub is its low entrance barrier that’s only a couple of inches off the ground, which makes getting in and out the tub a breeze. However, there are many other benefits to having a walk in tub in your home.

Replacing your standard bathtub with a walk in tub will allow you to:

  • Bathe comfortably – Walk in tubs are twice as deep as ordinary tubs. Not only do they allow convenient access with their low thresholds, but their depth also allows for comfortable seating. The seats are built-in at chair height, reducing strain on the joints. Additionally, all controls are located within your reach, so you can operate your tub with ease.
  • Bathe safely – Our tubs also feature a multitude of safety features, such as slip-resistant surfacing, locking doors, grab bars, side grips, and more. With everything that these tubs have to offer, many customers who previously relied on someone’s assistance to bathe have found that they were able to once again bathe independently.
  • Enjoy therapeutic luxury – If you upgrade your new bathtub to a therapeutic tub, you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, or chromatherapy (light therapy). All of these therapy tubs are great for relaxing or reducing stress. Plus, hydrotherapy tubs can also be used to temporarily relieve achy joints or sore muscles.

Walk in tubs are available in various colors and styles, so you can be sure to find a product that suits your personal taste. And, with their modern design and sleek contours, our tubs make a stylish complement to any décor.

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