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A Walk In Bath Tub for Atlanta Residents can Offer Safety and Therapeutic Features

walk in bath tub AtlantaIs it becoming uncomfortable – and maybe even unsafe – to bathe yourself in your Atlanta home? Do you wish you didn’t need to rely on someone else for bathing assistance? The addition of a walk in bath tub in your home can be the solution you have been looking for.

A walkin tub brings convenience, comfort, and safety to bathing with a design that allows those with limited mobility to bathe themselves. Some even offer therapeutic features that can turn a bath into spa-like experience.

The walkin tubs we offer are available with a wide range of standard and upgradable features, which include:

  • Standard Tubs
    • Extra-low thresholds
    • Easy-to-reach controls
    • Secure grab bars
    • Leak-proof doors
    • Easy-to-access drainage
    • Anti-slip floors
    • Convenient seat height
  • Upgraded Tubs
    • Light therapy
    • Air jets
    • Water jets
    • Aromatherapy

If you have limited mobility, these features can help restore your independence and offer you the added comfort and relaxation you deserve.  Many of our Atlanta customers who are suffering from chronic conditions have found independence, safety, and relief in our walk in bath tub products.

For more information about our tubs, contact one of our customer service representatives today. We look forward to telling you more about our walkin tubs and therapy tubs so you can decide what is best for your household.