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Walk in Bath Tubs for Stockbridge, GA, Homeowners 

Walk In Bath Stockbridge, GAWalk in bath tubs are popular alternatives to standard tubs for many Stockbridge, GA, homeowners who are seeking a safer bathing experience. Many homeowners have medical conditions that make bathing without assistance stressful or dangerous, and they want a tub with safety features that can allow them to regain the joy of bathing independently.

Standard tubs, because of their high walls and slippery surfaces, can be hazardous to get into and out of for many people who live with chronic pain or mobility issues. Our walk in bath tubs eliminate the fear of bathing without assistance because they come equipped with numerous safety features, including:

  • Slip-resistant surfaces to reduce the likelihood of a fall
  • Grab bars and side grips to provide bathers with something to hold to while getting in and out of the tub
  • A low entry threshold which eliminates the need to climb over tub walls
  • Chair height seating and a tub design that is twice the depth of standard tubs, allowing bathers to benefit from the warm water without having to recline

And bathers can experience an even more beneficial bath when they upgrade their tub purchase to include our therapeutic options. Therapeutic tubs can ease painful symptoms associated with medical conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, and loss of limb.  Options include hydrotherapy bathtubs, for an underwater massage to soothe sore muscles; chromatherapy bathtubs, featuring colored underwater lighting to elevate mood; and aromatherapy bathtubs, which release scented, dissolving fragrance beads that can temporarily relieve stress or reduce anxiety.

For more information about installing walk in bath tubs in Stockbridge, Georgia, homes, contact us today.