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Enjoying Walk in Bath Benefits in Your Snellville, GA, Home 

Walk in Bath SnellvilleYou may know that a walk in bath tub can bring an unparalleled level of safety while bathing to your Snellville, Georgia, home, but did you also know that they can bring highly luxurious benefits to your bathing experience as well? Safety-conscious design is what makes our walk in bath tubs so easily accessible. Slip-resistant surfaces reduce the risk of slipping and falling, and the low entry threshold makes getting in as easy as opening the door and taking a seat on the comfortable built-in chair, as opposed to standard tubs that require you to climb over high walls. Once seated, you will find easy-to-reach water and drainage controls so you can make water temperature adjustments or drain the tub without straining yourself. Grab bars and side grips, so you always have something to hold onto for support. Because walk in tubs are twice the depth of standard tubs, you’ll be able to fully immerse your body in and enjoy the benefits of warm water.

Additionally, your bath can offer even more benefits when you upgrade your purchase to one of our therapy bathtubs. These luxurious upgrades offer temporary relief from the discomfort caused by some medical conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, anxiety, and others. Therapy tub options include:

  • Hydrotherapy bath tubs – underwater jets provide a soothing massage for aching muscles
  • Chromatherapy bath tubs – changing underwater lights create a calm and peaceful environment
  • Aromatherapy bath tubs – aromatic beads are dissolved in the water, helping to relieve stress and anxiety

For more information about how a walk in bath tub can make your bath routine safer and more luxurious, contact us today. We will be happy to give you more information about installing a bath in your Snellville, GA, home.