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Walk in Bath Tubs Provide Luxury for Smyrna, GA, Residents 

Walk In Bath Smyrna, GAWalk in bath tubs are a source of incomparable luxury in the homes of many Smyrna, GA, residents, and you can experience that same luxury, too. When you have one of our walk in tubs installed in your home you will have the option to upgrade your purchase to a therapy bathtub. These upgrades provide you with a spa-like bathing experience for the ultimate in relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Our therapeutic tubs are wonderful for reducing stress, calming anxiety, and soothing away the aches and pains of the day. There are several walk in bath therapy tub options for you to choose from, including:

  • Hydrotherapy bathtubs – Which use underwater air jets to gently massage sore muscles and aching joints
  • Chromatherapy bathtubs – Which allow you to relax with a beautiful display of color-changing underwater lights
  • Aromatherapy bathtubs – Which fill the air with pleasant fragrances when scented beads dissolve in the warm water

While our walk in bath tubs provide you with luxurious comfort, perhaps the most important benefit comes from their numerous safety features. Your walk in tub will be equipped with features such as grab bars and side grips, slip-resistant surfaces, and easy-to-reach controls, all of which make bathing easier and more secure. You will also enjoy the fact that getting into the tub is as simple as opening the locking, leak-proof door, stepping over the low entry threshold, and sitting down on the chair-height, built-in seat.

For more information about our walk in bath tubs contact us today. Find out how you can enjoy incredible luxury and comfort in your own Smyrna, Georgia, home.