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Walk in Bath Tub Benefits for Sandy Springs, GA, Homeowners 

Walk in Bath Sandy SpringsInstalling a walk in bath in your Sandy Springs, GA, home can be the ideal solution if you or members of your household are experiencing mobility issues or living with chronic pain. Some conditions can make formerly easy routines such as bathing difficult or even dangerous, and require the assistance of another person while bathing, but replacing your standard tub with a walk in tub can restore independence, privacy, and dignity.

The first thing you may notice about one of our walk in bath tubs is the locking, leak-proof door. Entering is as easy as opening the door, walking into the tub, and taking a seat in the comfortable, built-in chair. No more climbing over the high walls of your old bath tub and risking a slip-and-fall accident. And because our walk in bath tubs are twice the depth of standard tubs, you won’t have to recline into uncomfortable positions in order to experience a full immersion. Just sit in the chair and turn on the water using the easy-to-reach controls, and let the soothing water provide comfort and relief.

You will find even more relief if you upgrade your tub purchase to one of our therapy bathtubs. These tubs provide outstanding luxury and numerous benefits, depending on the option you choose, and can provide temporary relief from painful conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, sciatica, and other health issues. Options include:

  • Hydrotherapy bath tubs – which use air jets for an underwater massage to target sore muscles and aching joints
  • Chromatherapy bath tubs – feature underwater color-changing lights to create a relaxing environment
  • Aromatherapy bath tubs – release scented beads into the water to fill the air with pleasing fragrances to promote serenity

To find out more about walk in bath tub options that can bring so many benefits to you or your loved ones in your Sandy Springs, Georgia, home, contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free estimate.