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Walk in Bath and Therapy Tub Options for Lawrenceville, GA, Homeowners 

Walk in Bath LawrencevilleHave you considered installing a walk in bath tub in your Lawrenceville, GA, home? There may be a number of reasons to do so, including the wealth of safety features, or the tremendous therapeutic benefits that our tubs bring to your home. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two that makes a walk in tub a wise investment in your safety or in the well being of someone you love.

When it comes to bathing safety, our walk in bath tubs are in a category all by themselves. Features include slip-resistant surfaces, low entrance barriers that are only a couple of inches high, locking doors that prevent hazardous leaks, easy-to-reach water and drainage controls, grab bars, and much more. These features make bathing easier and safer, but they also bring the invaluable added benefit of allowing you or your loved one to once again bathe independently or with limited assistance.

While all walk in bath tubs allow you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of warm water, the potential health and pain-relieving benefits increase dramatically when you upgrade your walk in tub purchase to one of our therapy bathtubs. These therapeutic tubs can temporarily reduce the pain and discomfort associated with a number of medical conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Loss of limb
  • Sciatica issues
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety and stress
  • And more

Therapy bathtub options include hydrotherapy bath tubs, which use underwater jets to massage sore muscles; aromatherapy bath tubs, which feature scented beads that dissolve in the water and release soothing aromas; and chromatherapy bath tubs, which use underwater lights to reduce anxiety by creating a calm environment.

Additionally, you will be thrilled by how beautiful your new tub looks in your home. The sleek design can rejuvenate an outdated bathroom and will complement any décor.

For more information on how the safety features and therapeutic options of our gorgeous walk in bath tubs can benefit you or someone you love in your Lawrenceville, Georgia, home, please contact us today.