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Walk in Bath Tubs Make Bathing Easier for Kennesaw, GA, Homeowners 

Walk in Bath KennesawAre you wondering if a walk in bath tub will make bathing in your Kennesaw, GA, home easier and safer? It’s time to stop wondering and discover the benefits of walk in tub. We offer an outstanding product that not only makes your daily routine safer, but also allows you or someone you love regain dignity and independence.

Just how much safer are walk in tubs than standard bathtubs? To begin with, a standard tub requires you to climb over a high wall onto a slippery bathtub floor, which increases your chances of slipping and falling. With our walk in bath tubs, you simply open  the locking, leak-proof door, step over a threshold that is only a couple of inches high, and take a seat on the chair-height, built-in seating. Additionally, because our tubs are built twice the depth of standard tubs, it’s easy and safe to enjoy a fully immersed bathing experience that doesn’t require you to recline in an uncomfortable and potentially hazardous position. Imagine the freedom you will feel being able to bathe without help.

Other safety features that you will find on our walk in bath tubs include:

  • Hand grips and side bars
  • Easy-to-reach water and drainage controls
  • Slip-resistant surfaces

And to make our tubs even more beneficial to you, we offer upgrade options that can turn your bath into a therapeutic and luxurious experience. Our therapy bathtubs are available in options that may reduce stress and anxiety, and temporarily relieve sore muscles and aching joints. Our chromatherapy tubs employ the color spectrum with underwater lighting to affect your mood and create a calm environment. Our aromatherapy bath tubs stimulate the sense of smell by releasing scented beads that dissolve in the water and emit soothing fragrances. And our popular hydrotherapy bath tubs feature underwater massaging jets that soothe sore muscles.

Additionally, you will love how beautifully a walk in tub will complement your bathroom. The modern, contoured design blends with any existing décor, giving your bathroom an instant facelift.

Contact us today to learn more about our walk in bath tub products for your home in Kennesaw, Georgia.