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Walk in Bath Tubs Installed in Gainesville, GA, Homes 

Walk In Bath Gainesville, GAHow can a walk in bath tub installed in your Gainesville, GA, home change the way you think about baths? For starters, our tubs are available with so many luxurious therapeutic options that you may feel like you are at a spa instead of in your home.

A walk in tub, when upgraded to one of our therapeutic tubs, is popular because of its ability to provide luxurious comfort to anyone who uses it, but it is especially helpful if you are faced with daily pain from conditions like arthritis, circulatory problems, back pain, and other medical conditions. There are several options to choose from:

  • Hydrotherapy bathtubs – which use underwater air jets to massage sore muscles or aching joints, increasing endorphins and helping erase the worries of the day
  • Chromatherapy bathtubs – which use colored underwater lights to enhance mood and help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Aromatherapy bathtubs – which feature scented beads that dissolve in the water, releasing pleasant fragrances into the air that can help reduce stress

Additionally, if you are living with chronic pain or limited mobility, the numerous safety features that are designed into your walk in bath tub will reduce the worry you may feel about taking a bath without assistance. You will love features like grab bars and side grips, slip-resistant surfaces, low-entry thresholds, and easy-to-reach controls. If you have needed assistance to take a bath in the past, you may find that a walk in tub reduces the need to ask for help, allowing you to once again enjoy your privacy and independence.

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