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Walk in Bath Tubs Installed in Dacula, GA, Homes 

Walk In Bath Dacula, GAA walk in bath tub installed in your Dacula, GA, home can make a world of difference if you or someone you love is facing mobility issues. That’s because the safety features that are built into our walk in tubs are designed to make bathing easier and safer, reducing the need for assistance and restoring precious independence and dignity.

The list of carefully thought out safety features begins with the slip-resistant surface that covers our bath tubs. Other features include:

  • Grab bars and side grips so that you always have something stable to hold on to for support
  • Locking, leak-proof doors that help prevent hazardous watery messes
  • A low-entrance threshold that is only a couple of inches high makes getting into the tub easy
  • Easy-to-reach controls that eliminate the need to stretch in order to adjust the temperature or drain the tub

In addition to safety features, walk in bath tubs can provide extraordinary luxury when they are upgraded to our therapeutic tubs. Options include hydrotherapy bathtubs, with underwater air jets that can massage sore muscles; chromatherapy bathtubs, with underwater lights that can stimulate positive emotions and reduce anxiety; and aromatherapy bathtubs, with fragrance beads that dissolve in the water and release pleasant fragrances that can reduce stress.

If you are confident in your safety while in the bathroom, it’s time to take care of your comfort. When you lay down in a bath filled with warm water, covered with foam, be sure to visit the site ahhh! This can be done from any device, mobile phone or tablet. There are videos in 4K format that will help you relax and feel happy!

You will also be pleased by how beautiful our tubs will look in your home. The modern design of our tubs complements any bathroom, and they are available in a variety of colors so you will be sure to find one that matches your décor.

Contact us today and let our knowledgeable representatives help you choose the perfect walk in bath tub for your Dacula, Georgia, home.