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Enjoy a Walk in Bath in Your Alpharetta, GA, Home 

Walk in Bath AlpharettaAlpharetta, GA, residents know that walk in bath tubs can change their lives or the life of someone they love. When health or mobility issues make bathing in standard tubs too difficult or dangerous and necessitate assistance from another person, walk in tubs can restore independence by offering a wealth of safety features that will make bathing safe and enjoyable again.

One of the most reassuring safety features our walk in bath tubs offer is the slip-resistant surfacing that coats the tubs. This reduces the chances of slipping and falling, and is just the beginning of the long list of safety features that also include:

  • Grab-bars and side grips – so there is always something for the bather to hold onto for support
  • Chair-height, built-in seating – to ensure a comfortable seated position with limited strain on the joints
  • Easy-to-reach controls – to reduce the need to stretch in order to access water and drainage controls
  • Low threshold and locking door – so entering is as easy as opening the door and stepping over a threshold that is only a couple of inches high

But improved bathing safety isn’t the only reason walk in tubs are beneficial. They are also available with therapeutic options that can turn any bath into a spa-like experience. Our therapy bathtubs include chromatherapy bath tubs, which use an underwater light spectrum to improve mood; aromatherapy bath tubs, which feature scented pellets that dissolve in water and produce aromas that may relieve stress; and hydrotherapy bath tubs, which use the comforting power of underwater jets to soothe sore muscles and temporarily relieve painful joints.

For more information on how walk in bath tubs are allowing residents in Alpharetta, Georgia, to safely enjoy their baths again, contact us today.