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A Hydrotherapy Bathtub Can Bring Calming Relief to Atlanta Households

hydrotherapy bathtub atlantaA high-quality hydrotherapy bathtub can be difficult to find in the Atlanta area. If you are searching for a therapeutic tub to add to your household, we invite you to learn about our expansive collection of walk-in tubs and therapy tubs. Our bathtub selection is ideal for those living with limited mobility caused by muscle or joint pain, loss of limb, or pain-inducing conditions. Specifically, our hydrotherapy tubs are used by customers suffering from arthritis or lower back pain.

Our standard walk-in tub models and our hydrotherapy bathtub models all come standard with the following features to make the bathing process simple, comfortable, and safe:

  • Lowered tub barrier
  • Easy-to-access drainage
  • Secure grab bars
  • Tub controls conveniently within reach
  • Slip-resistant surfaces

Beyond our popular option of hydrotherapy, our upgraded features include aromatherapy and light therapy. If you or someone in your household could benefit from a therapeutic bathtub, don’t hesitate to contact our office today. We guarantee that our expansive walk-in tub selection has the tub ideal for your household’s needs. Our hydrotherapy bathtub upgrades have helped many of our customers regain safety and privacy while bathing.

For more information about any of our walk-in tubs, contact our office staff today. We look forward to helping you find a tub to meet your needs.